The significance of the jpeg in the arts

At first, it seems like the jpeg is so insignificant that we should really laugh if anybody ever talks about it in an artistic setting. After all, isn’t it just a medium to transport our ideas from one place to another, a modern day quipu with pixels acting as knots, transferring our art into the digital landscape. A jpeg sits in our desktop folders after all , with many other jpegs.

So, what’s in it ?

The power to give more self-employment in the arts and feed society with the much needed creative knowledge to create what we know – at work and in our personal lives- in better ways.

At the moment, most of the art that is displayed in a jpeg is watermarked or created in a low resolution on the web. Artists can also save an image in an swf instead so that it may not be reproduced without permission. After all, at this moment, quite a bit of art on the net is downloaded privately. But, what if it wasn’t ? What would happen if artists were able to sell some art prints on the web as another way to promote and sell their work?

The gallery system and art fairs are not the only places to sell art work. Everyone wants art. Not everyone can buy art for large amounts of money. Art has been seen as being too expensive for “everyone”. I certainly do not think that art that sells for $3500 at an art gallery is for everyone. It has a small niche of buyers. Art on the web also has people wanting to buy art.

But, how many artists ask themselves what is it that the public really wants from me when making their work. Not many. This is one of the problems in the arts. If you look at the statistics, the kind of art that sells is not at all what you would expect.In art school, we are not usually taught to find an audience that will like and respond to what we do, with a marketing plan.

Should we cater to the arts and repond to their needs, if we can label them ? Or, do we market the living day lights out of our art and create this need ? Perhaops , we need both.

One thing is for sure, in a traditional art market, only few artists benefit from very few buyers.
On the web, there seems to be very few artists and art pieces that sell when compared to whow many are out there…however, there seems to be alot more buyers.

With this in mind, we cannot afford to look at the jpegs in the same way any more in the arts, not if they are able to bring art to so many people.


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