selling art today

There seems to be a stereotype that we can never sell our work as artists that we should not even try, unless we are the very best. Somehow, this doesn’t apply to all professions though, not to the same extent. Art is unfortunately equated as being a luxury for some. Yet, it is abundant in everything we see, hear and breathe. We all live for it. Without imgination, I do not think the new ideas that we need to grow together, in all sectors, can come. The art that can make society grow, in all sectors, is not for free. It comes at a price with a lot of hard work, not just to make it but to have the chance to make it.

Artists need to be commercial to sell period. I do not know why our work, which I admit also has the possibility to allow us to grow , is always seen as something that should be distributed, but never sold, outside of a monetary system….by somebody else… It is precisely because it is necessary, because we live for it, that it should be a part of the system. Engineering, medicine, law, teaching are also a part of the sytem where we grow in a different way. All are necessary. The more we grow and interact in all parts of our society with art, the more everyone benefits.

By hooking up art work to commercial system and selling art in digitized forms, art can be brought to more people in new ways. The possibility for all artist, dancers, actors, film makers etc to make a living of their work should be available for them in different venues that are more practical and allow them to make a living.

Nobody will be more happy than me to see artists become more commercial and look like they are ” a part of the system” since they should never have been excluded from it in the first place.

It is through the use of technology that I believe new venues for making and distributing art will come. Art on the web is different from art that you can touch and feel with your hands but at the same time it allows artists and readers many new kinds of possibilities.

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