What is creativity for ?

Creativity should be mixed with other disciplenes…just as it is in real life.

Artists and computer engineers or mathematicians do not always mix at school or in daily life but when they work together and respect each other’s work, in service to one another, the result is more structured art and vivid mathematical or computing science formulas that take shape in very imaginative forms and communicate in new ways.

We must ask ourselves what is imagination and knowledge for? I do not believe that art could really be beautiful without an intention. Creativity needs an altruistic intention to be beautiful ..after all it is a form of communication in space and not just something on the surface, outside of the society that it is talking back to. Art helps us to learn more, to progress. and see what we can be. One example is from what we see in nature. Each mistake is a new opportunity. There is no judgement there.

Art should not be kept to just art, artists and the art world because physically this is not the way it was ever meant to be. There should be space for more mixing with visual creativity in the way we learn, communicate and recreate history, computing science, business and biology. I never saw 11 year old children enjoy learning about the digestive system more as when they were able to gather what they were learning about it to make imovies about how it functioned using drawings and their own art. It seems that creativity makes people more eager to learn, look and listen.

Visual imagery makes people want to connect to what they know, otherwise we could risk objectifying the signified. Numbers or things should never be more important than life and our relationship with it.

visual imagery should be integrated into the work we do. For example, I believe that inteactivity could play a wonderful role in the learning of mathematics. geometry and trigonometry which are both spatial and could benefit from being experienced in an artistic way. Learning about negative and positive integers on a grid could be done by creating identical reflections of sea imagery in a grid, just as it is in some fill in the blank paintings using numbers – except with four sides of reflections. Music as well could be learned using visual language so that a song can become a colourful drawing. The A note could be in the reds while the B note in the oranges…so that a mixture of all these notes has different colours in a particular compartmentalized and possibly sequential space, just as Paul Klee suggested in some of his writings. I always imagine what Ad Parnassum may look like in a song. I suppose it would have to be written and digitized into a grid, since it has seperate components. It would be interesting if musicians, artists and computing scientist could meet to show us what Ad Parnassum could sound like…Could we create a reading system to make some drawings sound good ?

In my opinion, art is meant to give new ideas and hope when there is none, new possibilities when the old ones did not work


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